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Saving Byron from Bypass Destruction

Byron Bay, as we know it, is under siege from Council and developer plans for the town's CBD road traffic bypass.


Byron Shire Council's current Butler St Bypass proposal falls well short of the 2001 Environmental Impact Study by Byron Council identifying the rail corridor as the best bypass solution. Byron Council has now refused to continue the rail corridor proposal despite it being a far superior and less expensive build! 




Butler Street Community Network, the local residents association has campaigned tirelessly on this issue and faced extraordinary opposition from a Council prepared to go to any length to force their preferred highly destructive bypass route on the Byron Bay community. The reason now is clear, Council's bypass is not so much about a traffic and transport solution for Byron Bay but a means to enable and expand commercial development of the town across the rail corridor.


Put simply, a Butler Street "bypass" would not be a bypass, it would be a duplication of the main street of Byron Bay, with all attendant activity and congestion, it is not a solution it is simply expansion attracting more cars, more development, more destruction and more chaos.


The uninterrupted infrastructure zoned rail corridor land right in the centre of Byron Bay is to be given over to commercial activities and landscaped parkland while the development of Butler St as a main road will destroying protected wetlands, a heritage zoned residential area, highly pedestrianised neighbourhood and market and visitor precinct.


Are you OK with this? 


 We need your support! 

This site has all the info and links to explore the history of the Byron Bay Bypass. Help us create a sustainable, integrated 1st class solution for Byron Bay.




Byron Bypass Fast Facts
  • The Butler Street Bypass DA No. 10.2016.77.1 is on exhibition untill 1st April 2016

  • You can view the DA off this link: http://www.byron.nsw.gov.au/development-applications/2016/77/1

  • Public submission close 4pm 1st April

  • Email submissions to submissions@byron.nsw.gov.au noting DA No. Refer to HOW YOU CAN HELP on this site

  • A Joint Regional Planning Panel will assess the DA following a public hearing - you may elect to address the panel

  • In 2001 our Council undertook a comprehensive Environmental Impact Study on all possibly bypass routes and demonstrated the rail corridor route as superior. State Government agencies provided approval in principle.

  • Byron Council allowed this EIS to lapse in 2003.

  • In 2004 State Rail suspended the Casino to Murwillumbah rail service.

  • 2014 a Rail Trail Feasibility Study is released stating the corridor width in the vicinity of the proposed bypass is generous and . . likely that a shared corridor could be laid out.

  • With careful planning the rail corridor land should be wide enough to share two light rail lines, a dual lane bypass road, a cycleway, rail trail/pedestrian walkways and bus station.

  • Don Page as the then Local Member and Rail Trail proponent organised funding for a Byron Bay bypass..

  • Byron Shire Council has tried to make out that funding was predicated on the Butler Street route, our investigations with Transport for NSW reveal this claim to be fabricated.

  • The Grab the Rail Bypass proposal has always incorporated TOOT and Rail Trail in sharing the rail corridor. 

  • TOOT or Trains On Our Tracks is campaigning for the return of rail transport in the region following suspension of the Casino to Murwillumbah service in 2004.

  • In the words of our new Local MP Tamara Smith, "Why, when there is a gold standard bypass solution for Byron Bay as put forward in the 2001 EIS, are we going ahead with a second rate Butler Street proposal with its extra costs and major impacts foisted on the community?"